What is a women circle?


For centuries, women have gathered to connect, share and reflect on their life experiences, supporting one another to reconnect with themselves and circulate their collective wisdom. As we moved over time further away from the village lifestyle, this ritual has been lost and is now be regarded by some as ‘new age’ or ‘woo woo’ when the truth is that the women’s circle is an ancient practice that supports us to live as women in the modern age. 

Todays society often finds ways to break apart the sacred bonds between women. In the world of special needs motherhood this can be compounded by a lack of understanding and perception around disability. A women’s circle reminds us to view each other as allies, rather than competition. We don’t judge, ostracise or gossip. We don’t look for flaws or compete for attention. We don’t compare. Instead, we embrace women as our sisters by lifting each other up.

If you have ever felt like your relationships with women are affected by jealousy, comparison, judgement or being misunderstood, this is the space that will completely flip that on its head.

The change to create new like minded friendships as an adult in a space free of judgement or the need to ‘have it all together’ then attending a woman's circle is akin to entering a different space and time for a few sacred hours where you cannot do or say anything wrong and know that the women beside you have your back.

Women’s circles are a gathering of women, for women. When we sit in circle everyone is equal. You are welcome just as you are, whether that means you are in a space of rising and joy or a place of grief, sadness or overwhelm.

Everyone is going through something.

And in my soul sister events, it stops being hidden or ignored. You will see yourself in your sisters stories. In their pain, realness, triumphs and tears.

Intimacy and connection are what most of us are looking for, and it takes a conscious decision to put ourselves into placed, spaces, experiences that will allow this to happen for us. 

You know it's available to you right?

There is a reason women congregate in nail salons, cafe’s, mothers groups, the hair salon etc to be immersed in the femme energy that - when it’s right - feels so so supportive and uplifting. The challenge comes when we expect that gathering to be safe to speak our truths, and then suddenly it isn’t.

Been there? I have.

So many right now are isolated, misunderstood and feeling the call to be immersed in a like minded community for support, sisterhood and solidarity. This is your opportunity right here.

You are invited to come and sit in my spaces so that you can be seen, loved and nurtured.

You are invited to share your stories to heal. And to heal by hearing the stories of your sisters.

What happens in circle?

In a nutshell - we go from strangers to sisterhood in an afternoon.

In more detail, a typical woman’s circle may include:

  Sage cleansing on arrival

  Welcome and grounding meditation

  Cacao ceremony

  Sharing component (this involves discussions on the theme of the circle)

  Embodiment or release practices (such as sound healing, guided meditations etc)

  Closing the ceremony by sharing a meal and more informal discussion

This is for any woman:

  • in a mothering role who wishes to feel more connected to other women
  • looking to create new supportive friendships with like-minded women
  • want an opportunity to share the challenges of motherhood in a non-judgmental environment
  • who can uphold the privacy and sanctity of the space
  • who wants to dip her toes into a woman's circle but is feeling nervous or intimidated. (Everything is optional here and if you wish to simply show up and observe that is perfectly fine).


This is not for you if:

  • you can’t sit with other women in sacred spaces with an open heart and zero judgement

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This is a small intimate venue and spaces are limited.