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Thank you for expressing interest in taking a deep dive with me into the world of special needs mama life. 

This mentoring package is designed to guide you back to your own innate wisdom. Introducing tools and techniques and creating self accountability and self sufficiency in an independent and ongoing way long past our time together. 

It is sooo possible to give the ultimate gift to your children, (one that doesn't come from click and collect)... the gift of being your most happy, calm and centred self. So let’s jump on a call together so I can learn where you’re at and share how my my unique version of mentoring works.

In life you don't get what you want - you get your habits.  So if you're ready to let go of some sneaky habits that have been holding you back and create a new reference point of whats possible for YOU, then answer the questions below and let's get started.

When I recieve your enquiry I will contact you to arrange a complimentary Zoom chat to see if we will be a good fit. 

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Why does it feel like the right time to invest in yourself NOW?

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What is your biggest challenge in motherhood at the moment?

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What three outcomes would you like to achieve during our time together?

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Why do you feel you are unable to achieve these outcomes for yourself at the moment?

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What can you bring to this partnership? What are you willing to contribute to make this a powerful experience?

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Personal evolution while rewarding, can be uncomfortable, and growth requires leaving behind things that aren't serving you. 

Are you ready to examine the ways you may have been living out of integrity with yourself or disempowering yourself to create new habits of self accountability and alignment?





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